Focus Five: Volume 29 – FUXWITHIT

As summer hits its stride and June comes to a close we’ve rounded up our 5 can’t miss picks for our latest installment of Focus Five. This month’s edition delivers majestic feels, cozy beats, melodic bass, Brazilian trap and some dark and distorted bass. Would you expect anything less?

Candid Oak

A week ago the iconic Night Owl Collective finished releasing its monumental album Feel Trip, Vol. 4: Reincarnation. It’s a true masterpiece and I highly suggest you experience the full project because within the 75 original tracks you can find so many hidden gems and run into incredibly interesting artists. Personally, one of the most pleasant discoveries was Candid Oak. When his contribution for the album, ‘The Path Forward,’ was released, I still remember Patrick and I going crazy on a group chat about the insane quality of the song. We were damn right! Also with his second release (he was previously producing under the Konane alias) he blends technique and emotions in a majestic music formula that pleases mind, body and soul. His tracks are so rich that they seem to last hours instead of just four minutes, but as soon as they are done the only thing you want is to relive the adventure all over again.

cozy kev

When stunning melodic soundscapes unite with pristine knock it’s pure bliss. Carefully perfecting the sound comes cozy kev, a producer who just keeps popping up on our radar. First it was alongside Focus Five alumni Keeth. on ‘SEASONS.’ The collaboration is nothing short of a work art that fuses haunting beauty, exotic energy, serene keys and a trapped out backbone. Then it was a standout cut off OUTSIDER PARIS’ incredible compilation entitled ‘ISO.’ Only to follow that up the following day with the equally impressive ‘Thermo’ on ZenSupremacy. If you’re looking for vibes that still pack a punch, cozy kev is your new best friend.

Papa Khan

In a now deleted tweet dating back to June 19th, budding producer Papa Khan showcased 2+ minutes of unreleased material that was simply too good to ignore. Having since showcased a shorter clip of a beautiful melodic piece that has gained significant traction, we figured it was due time that the Indonesian up-and-comer received the recognition he deserves. Despite his first work dating back to March 2019, Papa Khan has shown promise in everything ranging from heavy dubstep to lighthearted future bass, weaving between genres as good as anyone right now. Often opting to combine these influences such as in ‘Untill Next Time Instrumental,’ the future looks bright for Papa Khan as he continues to carve his own path in a scene where many are trying to hop on saturated trends. Another personal favourite is his bootleg for Ekali and Yuna’s ‘Leaving,’ where he once again demonstrates his ability to make bass music beautiful and emotional. Don’t sleep on Papa Khan.

Pep Starling

Brazilian beatmaker Pep Starling has been unleashing bangers for years but somehow just landed on our radar as of late. His Trap Party release ‘Fechou’ caught me off guard with its sunset inspired opening and breaks alongside a killer future knock bounce. Clocking in at just two minutes, it’s the type of slap that’s assured to have you hitting repeat. A deeper diver into Pep’s catalog shows a wealth of releases and sounds. His style mixes everything from hard hitting trap, to future beats, UK drill, rap and Baile Funk. The fusion comes together with ease for a vibe that always brings the bounce. To get a full picture of his depth check out ‘Talento’ below.


Pronounced like a majestic pond-dwelling bird, Baltimore-based SUAHN is well-versed in the production of dark, raw distorted frequencies that have taken shape in the format of solo release expeditions and a trove of tactful remixes. Earlier this spring, SUAHN reconciled forces with SATURATERECORDS for the release of The Gift of Light EP, which featured ruthless sound design experimentation in tracks such as ‘Ghost Tower’ and ‘Well Hello There’ in addition to official remixes from the likes of Guilt Chip, DJ Ride, SKEW, and Dead End. With an arsenal of releases at his back and a few secrets tucked away in his pocket, SUAHN is surely a name to keep an eye out for in the coming years.

Word by Alessio, Colin, Sam & Steph