ELK & Chris Dogzout Debut Quality Vibes With 'Omelet' – FUXWITHIT

Quality Goods Records have always had their ear to the ground, and show no sign of stopping any time soon. Late last year, the imprint introduced the Quality Treats segment to showcase hot singles from some of the most promising artists in the game right now, with these treats often falling perfectly in line with the definition of a banger. Now, Quality Goods Records looks to continue its dominance within the underground scene, this time exploring a new direction with their newest series, Quality Vibes. The series will push a more melodic, laidback sound that focuses more on storytelling and emotions.

On the change on pace, QGR head UZ states, “I love bangers and drops at shows but when at home I’m more into chill vibes and melodies. I have been receiving a lot of cool music and I wanted to give those artists a platform, that’s why we started the Quality Vibes series.”

Kicking off the series in perfect fashion are French producers ELK and Chris Dogzout with ‘Omelet,’ a vibe-filled piece that is aptly suited for lounging with friends. The instrumentals are minimal and grow very gradually as new layers are added with each bar, creating a soothing and calming aura throughout. Despite this sense of relaxation, ‘Omelet’ still hits with punchy percussion and a pristine attention to detail, providing the perfect balance against the mesmerizing musicality and stirring strings. Don’t miss the first Quality Vibes below.