Focus Five: Volume 28 – FUXWITHIT

As another month comes to a close, we are back as always bringing you five new talents that you need to put on your radar. This month features a promising trap producer, an impressive producer/vocalist/songwriter, some spring ready future beats, Nosia approved experimental bass and a producer bringing those the dark, granular soundscapes and titillating basslines. Dive in below.


As we grow into the second half of 2020, the search for raw trap only becomes more vigorous. Those SoundCloud artists with less than 2k followers vibe. Contributing to my finds recently from a Partica Artist Group live stream, I discovered FAIRSMOOTH. At the time I discovered this track ‘NIGHTWATER,’ to realize it was the only one he had posted to his SoundCloud. Naturally I had to search for contact information to inquire further about this project as I was hungry to hear more. FAIRSMOOTH is a producer based out of Manchester UK who has been producing a little over three years now, with a background in playing guitar. Listening through his single track multiple times, his percussion arrangement is comparable to the smell of an ogre, it’s just nasty. Paired with this is a melody so clean I’m certain it just stepped out of the shower. Being able to fuse these different textures are what is going to allow him to stand apart. You’d be silly to think I didn’t ask him to hear more, and I cannot express enough how important it is to follow him now.

Foolie $urfin

Earlier this week Bonsai Collective dropped an incredible compilation featuring some of the best future beats artists out right now. Among the several standout tracks was Foolie $urfin‘s ‘crashindacoup’. Combining an upbeat future bounce with smooth Masego-like vocals was nothing short of special. A quick scan of his SoundCloud made it clear that we’ve been sleeping on this immensely talented producer/vocalist/songwriter. This year alone Foolie $urfin dropped his debut vocal album All Of Me and remixes and stuff vol.2. The two projects illustrate the breadth of his talents. The former is a moody body of work that mixes future R&B, trapsoul, and hip-hop. The latter sees him crafting forward-thinking flips on rap hits from Drake, Cardi B, Roddy Ricch and more. Foolie $urfin’ is on a wave right now.


Not many can say that their first project, ever, got the support from industry giants Noisia. Demonstrating that they constantly have their ear to the ground, the Netherlands-based legends have once again put us onto up-and-comers worthy of praise. London-based Holographic doesn’t have much material under their belt, but their tunes hint at years of experience. Driving a halftime sound meticulously laced with soul-penetrating melodies and effects, the mysterious producers have released their debut EP exclusively on Bandcamp, with only a couple of tracks appearing on their SoundCloud. Dive into their experimental signature in ‘Fancy Candles’ and ‘The Escape’ below and be sure to keep a close eye on Holographic.


It’s the spring, the awakening of nature and the need for joy and positivity, and it seems that everyone is all about the future beats and future trap sound lately. Well, I see you, I hear you and here I am delivering you your monthly dose of fresh beats. Mʌx aka Max Holland nearly slipped under my radar if it hadn’t been for camoufly, and let me honestly say: now I owe him one. Rarely over the 2 minutes, Mʌx’s tracks aren’t long journeys to experience nice and slow, but packed jams to enjoy in one single bite. From piano arpeggios to synthetic synths, from jazz interludes to fat trap kicks, they are always an eruption of creativity that also holds tiny little details which are super fun to discover, listen after listen. His three newest track has come after what apparently has been a one year hiatus, but now that I had a taste of his music I really hope Mʌx is here to stay and delight us with more future gems.


Oregon’s worth is as veiled and ambiguous in identity as the dark, granular soundscapes and titillating basslines he composes. Rostered to Portland’s Go To Your Room Records, worth has played a pivotal role in the development of the imprint label, while making routine audible contributions to the Detention Compilations with single releases ‘Slept’ and ‘Access Code’. A developing catalog of solo efforts such as ‘Of Serpents’ and ‘Oceanside’ depict a production discipline and sound design utility that only heightens the anticipation for future projects from worth.

Word by Alessio, Colin, Sam, Steph & Tony