Focus Five: Volume 27 – FUXWITHIT

As April comes to a close, we’ve rounded up 5 new artists that you need to check out. This month we keep the selections eclectic as always. Whether you’re looking for dubstep, experimental bass, trap or future beats, we’ve got you covered. Peep our selections below!

Izzy Vadim

Yet another stud in Quebec’s bass belt, Laval’s Izzy Vadim certainly knows how to kick it. Constantly crafting killer dubstep tracks, the vile Vadim never fails to fill his productions with the dirtiest, dankest and most depraved sounds. His synth designs are often scathing, presenting themselves as feral flamethrowers used in unison with an incredible array of otherwise more standard instrumentation. And it is this blend of ridiculously banging effects and classical craft-work that makes Vadim such a veneration. Releases like ‘Space Noodles,’ ‘LEGIT BUSINESS,’ and his most recent venture, Vacation showcase beautiful organic instrumentation brilliantly combined with bone-crushing dub. A novel idea, jazz and dubstep, but not just an exercise in experimentation, these are truly inspired and beautiful bangers. If this is the future of dubstep, I can certainly get behind it.


KOWTA might not be a new name on your radar, as the Sleeveless Records mainstay and frequent JLEON collaborator has been tearing up the underground experimental bass scene for a few years now. Nonetheless, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight the Lake Tahoe talent once again, as his recent releases have truly taken us out of our seats and his following is only bound to grow at the same rate as his production skills. Boasting ridiculous west coast wobbles as a signature, KOWTA first appeared on our radar with ‘Loaded’ in early 2019 and has impressed ever since. More recently, ‘BAD DREAMS’ took us aback with its insane combination of old school trap horns, grungy basslines and wicked flow. The latter track is arguably KOWTA at his finest, and is the main reason he is featured here today, so dive into his impressive repertoire and keep a close eye on the emerging artist.


As we look forward to warmer weather and brighter days, Montèr is here to instantly add some light in our lives. The Fresh Prince of The Hague fuses a myriad of genres including latin vibes, hip hop, trap, afrobeats, and future beats into a sound that’s assured to get your hips moving. Montèr’s sample and flip game knows no boundaries, with the producer leveraging everything from Gloria Estefan and Daft Punk, to Travis Scott and Amerie. Bouncy, upbeat and sexy are all adjectives you might find popping into your mind as you run through his impressive SoundCloud catalog. If you’re a fan of artists like Paul Mond and Omar Duro, Montèr will be your new favourite.


An emerging producer and performer out of Townsville, Australia, Brock Goebel is quickly gaining traction for the uptempo, dynamic creations released under his alias MVUNG. While the contiguous bass treatment to ‘Fuck That’ by the ATLiens at the conclusion of 2019 played an instrumental role in brightening Goebel’s trajectory as an artist, he’s maintained a creative edge that bodes positively for the future. Neatly blending the distinction between trap and dubstep, releases from Goebel’s, such as solo-effort ‘Fatality’ or ‘artillery’ alongside Hollimon, feature suspenseful introductions, unique sampling, and inventive sound design that rests distinguishably on the ears. Needless to say, MVUNG will be a name to keep an eye on in years to come.


Enough with the 160 bpm, enough with the tearjerker ballads. This April I’m going back to the dark side of the bass, bringing you some weird-enough beats that will tingle your fantasies. Yates is not a new face in the FUXWITHIT HQ (his IDs have been featured in not one, but two guest mixes in the past year) but I felt the time has come for a proper introduction. From his base in Dallas, Yates delivers a delicious recipe composed of half organized chaos and half extra-rad trap production. The icing on the cake is a pinch of irreverence in the selection of sounds and samples which make the final dish extremely hot and tasty. Do you want a slice of Yates’ speciality delivered right in your ears? Press play below on his latest bonkers release ‘Bunk Beds’ and his massive collab with jordnmoody ‘Play Something.’