Flume Demonstrates Why He Is The Master Of His Craft In ‘Palaces’

As 2022 came to fruition, Flume was among the first to announce that this year would be the year for a new album. Ever since, anticipation has been building towards the release of Palaces, with the legendary artist gracing us with a handful of versatile singles to scratch our itch. From the pop-leaning, yet still quintessential Flume-sounding ‘Say Nothing’ with MAY-A, to the highly-awaited ‘ESCAPE’ alongside QUIET BISON and KUČKA, the Australian artist has continued to push the boundaries of his productions. Additionally, in similar fashion to Hi This Is Flume, the creative has demonstrated that an album can be so much more than music, tying in extraordinary artwork and videos to complement the sonic experience along the way. All that has culminated to the release of Palaces, and as a project altogether, the album surpasses all expectations once again. And that’s what makes Flume a legend.

The project opens with ‘Highest Building’ featuring vocals from Oklou, and right off the bat, Flume showcases his masterful ability to create a radio-friendly hit that still resonates with fans of more eclectic electronic music – something he does repeatedly throughout the album. The vocals provide a catchy hook to lure listeners in, and the production knocks it out of the park with its emphatic energy.

Palaces only gets better from there. Mirroring the vibrance of the artwork, the album is colourful and enthralling, with thirteen individual tracks contributing to a complete listening experience. Never escaping the future bass sound that he has championed time and time again while simultaneously never letting it grow stale, Flume has created an auditory experience unlike any other. From the ‘Wall Fuck’ equivalent in ‘Get U,’ to the chill-inducing piano in ‘Jasper’s Song,’ to the surprising hyperpop experiment ‘Only Fans’ alongside Virgen Maria, Flume keeps listeners on their toes one track after the next.

As diverse and entertaining as it is, the true beauty behind Palaces is the tracks that showcase classic Flume with a 2022 twist. ‘DHLC,’ ‘Love Light’ and ‘Go,’ among others, boast the sound that fans fell in love with years ago, and it’s that nostalgia factor that ties the project together. No matter how far Flume has come, no matter how famous he has become, it’s tracks such as these that remind you of his roots, and that make the project so enthralling and easy to listen to on repeat. Accompanied by another mesmerizing visualizer, it’s safe to say that Flume is back. Don’t miss Palaces below.

Flume Palaces Visual Album