Floor Fillers: Five Picks From Protial

Floor Fillers is back! Five tracks hand-picked by the artists we all love.

Over two years ago, we had the opportunity to connect with the mysterious Protial for an eclectic guest mix and insightful interview. While the mix gave people a first taste of what a Protial live set could entail, the puzzling producer also stated that doing live shows “is honestly the dream and I have been preparing and collecting my favorite music for years now.” Fast-forward to today, and Protial just closed out a 10-day support run alongside Black Carl! and Saka (with a couple more shows still to come). The artist has been putting out consistently unique music since 2016, and to see his dreams come to fruition is nothing short of inspiring.

Today, we are stoked to welcome the masked magician on our newest edition of Floor Fillers, where he shares five tunes that are a must in his sets. Don’t miss his picks below – and be sure to catch him live if you have the opportunity.

Erotic Cafe – Oscillate

‘Oscillate’ is one of the favorite tunes I have in my set. Its huge sub bass and upbeat breaks-ish drop is a great switch-up and is super refreshing.

voljum – Missile

‘Missile’ is a lesson in space and variation. Every time I dropped this when on tour with Black Carl and Saka I was reminded that every little rest is important. Plus that switch up in the second half of the drop is just too much fun.

Floret Loret – Mango Madness

What’s not to love? Mangos? I actually don’t really like mangos but this tune is so good. Sounds how I imagine how eating the last mango after an apocalypse would feel like. I love playing this one after my own tune ‘Trapped.’

IMANU – Whatever It Takes (Herzeloyde Remix)

Whenever I have an itch in my brain this one scratches it. In fact I do believe the sound at 00:42 is the hand of Herzeloyde reaching into my (and everyone who listens’) brain to scratch that itch.

Tsuruda – Copout Dub

The bass patch must have a bit of magic in it that commands people to move. Either that or it’s just Tsuruda being the genius he is. Regardless, it is so much fun feeling the bass fill a room.