Floor Fillers: Five Picks From Moore Kismet

Floor Fillers is officially back. For those new to the site, or those who don’t remember the series that dates back to 2019, Floor Fillers is a feature where artists showcase five tracks that they have been rinsing on repeat, playing in their sets, or just generally enjoying. The series is a way for fans to get an inside look into their favourite artists’ repertoire, while artists have the opportunity to shoutout some of their idols or friends’ best works. It’s a fun, short feature that will surely help readers discover a ton of new music.

To reboot Floor Fillers, we have the extreme pleasure of having Moore Kismet share some of their favourites. As followers of Moore Kismet since 2018, it has been incredible to watch the astronomical rise of the young talent in recent years, seeing them evolve from an underground favourite into a mainstage superstar. Their list of accolades is endless, and spans beyond what most dream to accomplish in a lifetime. From major festival bookings, to iconic publication features, to a sync deal with Marvel (yes, you read that correctly), Moore Kismet is a star and we have loved following their journey thus far. With their debut album UNIVERSE set to release on June 24th, the future continues to look bright for the talented creative.

Check out their picks below and why they’re feeling each track.

Rickyxsan – LOST + FOUND

‘LOST + FOUND’ was such a highly sought-after song when Ricky first debuted it in a few mixes he did. It was, and still is, one of my favorite songs he’s ever made.

Topi – Optical

‘Optical’ is easily one of the best house songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Everything Topi touches is so beautifully experimental, and regardless of genre, he always knows how to take basic ideas and turn them into complex masterpieces.

Moore Kismet & Chuck Sutton – Ultravoilet (feat. COOKIE.)

‘Ultraviolet’ holds so much importance to me because not only is super beautiful and weird in the best ways, but it’s an all-black collaboration that embraces the fusion of our signature sounds.

JoeB – Cackatones (with RoboD)

‘Cackatones’ in full is still unreleased to the general public, but when JoeB sent me some unreleased tunes for tour a while ago, I knew I to snag it when I got the chance. This has become a staple in the vast majority of my sets.

Voltra – Instance

When Voltra sent me one of the first WIPs of ‘INSTANCE,’ I knew it was destined to be a hit in the electronic scene. It’s such a beautiful fusion of tech and analog-influenced sound design and arrangements with insanely good drums to boot.

Floor Fillers: Moore Kismet Playlist