Farrah Unlocks The Secrets To Higher Power With ‘Glow’

Farrah‘s brand new techniques and production flow have been showcased immensely. Her highly elevated sense of power has continued to guide her through the darkness. Coming through with an even bigger purpose than before. And her newest single, ‘Glow’ is pure proof that she’s far from finished. Recently releasing her groundbreaking single, ‘Arrival,’ this new piece is a continuation and even lights up her vision brighter than ever. Shaking the earth with monumental sound design, cinematic atmospheres, and much more. Bringing her fiercest passions and talents to full bloom. Making sure she gives everything her full dedication and time to really knock you back in your chairs.

“Glow is actually a connection left off from Arrival. Since Arrival was about having different paths that I can take with my music, Glow’s represents the key to open the doors because it signifies that I’ve found the key to my sound. The artwork in which soju and I have come up with, is an antique looking key with a hint of futuristic glow/neon around it as those colors have been prevalent in my artistic direction. It represents that the song is a blend with old + new styles. This song is my interpretation of how I mix in breaks to my style. I am in love with the energy that it brings and that it elevates the other elements to another level.”  Farrah

‘Glow’ consists of groovy rhythmic structures, melodies, and storytelling. Using the spectrum as her own, she immediately sets the tone at the beginning with haunting instrumentation and fast-paced grooves. Setting the stage for all to become immersed and drawn in. Building up excitement and hype from just a few seconds of the piece. Waiting for its turn in the shadows to strike your hearts like never before. With a haunting vocal circling around the environment, she introduces a massive kick drum to amplify the build until it detonates. Creating a rush throughout your body. Not knowing what might happen next.

When all of a sudden, the energy expands throughout your mind within the chorus sections. Hard-hitting drums combined with her hypnotic bass design only result in pure satisfaction from beginning to end. Not to mention how well the percussion is placed around the adventure. Working hand in hand with the other elements to carry you through this mind-bending adventure. And once the second drop hits, it’ll shoot you into a bizarre and unknown realm. Thanks to her breakbeat madness, it creates an even faster-paced ride to the highest degree. Making any listener want to just get up and dance. This is certainly a track you won’t forget. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Glow’ everywhere!

Farrah · Farrah – Glow