PREMIERE: RemK Surfs The Roaring Seas With ‘Your Vibe’

The power of RemK‘s production is unmatched. His creative execution immediately grabs the listener’s attention. Creating pieces that are perfect for any beach setting around the world. All about good vibes and hanging with lifelong friends. Making memories you only dreamed of with the people you love. Always trying new techniques and bringing organic sunshine throughout the underground. Making his way to the top. So it’s our dearest pleasure to help premiere his newest single, ‘Your Vibe.’

For a while now, the artist has been breaking the mold and is truly driving electronic trap music in the right direction. Whether it’s from his widespread atmosphere, enticing sound design, or high-class power during his performances, there are many factors that go into his wonderful path of riches. He even just released a stunning new reimagining for Boombox Cartel’s remix package. Not to mention he’s about to play HARD Summer which is a total step forward for his project. Continuing to soar higher and higher, he’s bringing that warm summer fun right to your ears with his newest piece. Making this one of his favorite projects to release. Introducing his audience to something new. The next chapter.

Made the first version of this song back in late 2020. Pretty sure I started it in a hotel room before playing at my first show in years, a drive in show with Boombox Cartel in the bay area. It was originally called ‘Rave Bounce’ since the lead was made out of a bunch of processed rave stabs. My goal with this track was to create something that takes you through an emotional journey while still going hard and being fun to listen to. Hope this makes you feel something and are ready for more as this marks the beginning of something new!
– RemK

‘Your Vibe’ is a pyro-infused weapon. Welcoming in new listeners while staying true to his overall sound. This specific tune really does highlight a step up to a higher power and goal he continues to work toward every day. From a euphoric and easy-going introduction to wavy yet bouncy chorus sections, it contains all his shining qualities and more we’ve all come to know and become inspired by. The drums working together with his melody craftsmanship are simply gorgeous to the ear. Painting a sun blinding picture of determination and strength from beginning to end. The vocal used throughout to give the track higher meaning really grips your attention at an all-time high. The perfect way to give the journey a sense of humanity.

We’re stoked to hear where his travels take him next. But for now, make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Your Vibe’ below! And if you’re going to HARD Summer, make sure to catch his GOLDEN HOUR set via Corona Electric Beach on the 29th. As well as his set on the 31st on the HARDER Stage.