Enter The 'Nightrealm' EP With ISOxo – FUXWITHIT

The wait is finally over! The day we’ve all been yearning for. ISOxo presents his long awaited debut EP, Nightrealm. A brand new and innovative world for electronic music. Pushing boundaries left and right, and showcasing some of the most unique music being created today. A five-track work of art filled with experimental sound design, cinematic atmospheres, and heart-wrenching arrangements! You’ll find yourself purely mesmerized by how much work went into this monumental step for this icon. And he’s been working day and night to bring his audience a completely different experience like never before! From hit releases such as ‘Ground,’ ‘Radial’ with Knock2 and many more, it’s so inspiring to finally get a full look at who this spirit truly is.

Fans from all over have been eager to hear all of these tracks in full bloom. If you’ve been following the legend for a while now, you’ll probably recognize every song within! But these ideas didn’t come overnight. Like any great artist, ISOxo took a ton of time to fully bring out the true potential behind each track. Making sure every piece fit exactly right into this new environment. From his mixes giving us a small taste of the project, to live performances where the artist incorporated the same tracks, admirers were truly excited to the highest degree for these gems to finally see the light of day.

The Nightrealm EP is a dark and soul-wrenching space of frequencies. A world we never knew existed. One of the best projects to introduce an artist to the whole world. From hard-hitting drums, futuristic sound bending and overall incredible pace, this is a true golden first impression. Inspiring many up and comers while staying true to one’s self. Every track feels cohesive, well balanced, and perfectly aligned to his overall vision. Each containing its own shining characteristics while building off each other in a beautiful and powerful way. An intoxicating feeling you’ll never want to lose. It’s safe to say electronic music, in general, is prospering and evolving at a rapid pace. And ISOxo is going to make sure of it. The true future for the industry. Bravo to him and this priceless project. We’re so excited to hear where he goes on from here. But for now, make sure to go stream the Nightrealm  EP everywhere via Sable Valley!

SABLE VALLEY · ISOxo – Nightrealm