Elaquent EP 'Bedtime Stories II' Is A Dream Come True For Soul-Lovers – FUXWITHIT

Who knew you only needed 13 minutes and 47 seconds to completely ease your mind and soothe your soul? That’s exactly what the new Elaquent EP, titled Bedtime Stories II, does. The anxiety-reducing project is 5 tracks of masterfully angelic goodness and gives us a much-needed brain massage.

Another short EP of late night jams I made, much in line with the first. A continuation or second chapter in an audio diary of sorts. Helping me get through a number of highs and mostly lows I’ve experienced over the last few months of 2020. But I don’t think anybody really cares about that, as thats more for me. But here are some relaxation vibes to kick it to. As per usual, play this at night. Thank you in advance for the support. cheers <3

Elaquent, BANDCAMP

The producer is known to bring hip-hop beats to the next level through his ‘komforting’ sound and exquisite sample selection. Bedtime Stories II stays exactly on track. As Sona Elango (Elaquent) records his sonic journal of soothing melodies, he in turn brings warmth to everyone who listens. Succeeding the first Bedtime Stories from 2020, Elaquent delivers buttery-smooth beats on this EP. The project begins with a magnetic soulful tune and ends with a motivating speech, excerpted from a Marshawn Lynch interview.

One thing to note about Elaquent is that the peacefulness he brings isn’t only through his music, but he continues to show support to everyone around him. You can find him on social media, uplifting everyone he crosses paths with, no matter how far back they go. Personally, I’m super blessed to say I’ve experienced this first-hand and am proud to showcase not only an incredible producer but also an incredible person. When asked if he had anything to say, he replied:

Elaquent quote

We can’t argue with that! But on a real note, listen the new Elaquent EP, Bedtime Stories II, below and get ready for the most blissful 14 minutes of your life. You can also purchase the project now on Bandcamp.