Dubloadz Gets Weird & Wonky In 'Sharp Objects' EP – FUXWITHIT

Just one month after unleashing his Exoplanet EP on Deadbeats which features the highly-anticipated ‘Grease’ with G-Rex, Dubloadz is back with another monster collection of tracks in the form of the Sharp Object EP. It goes without saying that the veteran producer has played a large role in shaping the current dubstep scene in North America, but perhaps his most impressive feat is his ability to continue delivering innovative pieces throughout the bass realm.

Pushing the Savage Wonk style that he has perfect over the last few years, the Sharp Objects EP is a five-track endeavour that goes deeper and darker than Dubloadz has gone before. “Sharp Objects is a love letter to my deeper and darker styles of production. Over my years of making music I’ve stopped frequently to make a deeper track in the sea of heavier stuff but it had been awhile since I sat down to write a cohesive EP in that style. This EP has a heavy focus on dark atmospheric elements, space and attention to small details. It’s a different style of writing process from making aggressive stuff and one I personally enjoy most,” the versatile producer states about his latest work. We think Dubloadz nailed the description, so we won’t try to convince you further. Expect wonky, experimental beats boasting quintessential Dubloadz sound design – what more could one need?