Drvmmer Plays With Fire In His New 'Burn' EP – FUXWITHIT

It hasn’t been long since we hosted Drvmmer here on FUXWITHIT, but it’s absolutely necessary to talk about him again because his new EP released via Electric Wave is something that doesn’t pass unnoticed. You can love it, you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Let’s start by saying that this is such a fitting title. Inside Burn, Drvmmer often plays with fire, risking burning himself but in the end, he always manages to transform every gamble into a victory. In recent times he has accustomed us more and more to drum & bass releases and this EP seems to seal his relationship with this genre. Of the four tracks, two are hybrids that feature a melting pot of genres, while the other two are pure D&B. Pure so to speak because Drvmmer never opts for a scholastic approach. It’s no liquid, it’s no jungle. It is Drvmmer and bass.

‘Burn’ and ‘Without You’ are the EP’s flagships and both deliver extremely captivating and galvanizing melodies (supported in the second case by a delightful performance by ARTIKA) combined with hellish drum patterns and loud snares. The results are as glittering as muscular. If you wear a smartwatch, well, I’d keep an eye on it while you listen to these songs and I’m sure you will see your heart rate skyrocket. The other two cuts, ‘Xeno’ and ‘Right Now’, are more adventurous. While with the first Drvmmer holds himself with just some digressions in the future/color bass world before returning to D&B territories, with the second one he simply decided to go over the top. Not one, not three, not five. Six damn drops squeezed into four minutes of madness. I know it sounds impossible but somehow he actually made it work and the result is mental! Of course, this is not a track that I’d listen to every day, but if you need an ace in your sleeve for when you want to impress your friends or turn the dancefloor upsidedown, ‘Right Now’ is the one. Oh, and if you still wear that smartwatch, it’s probably better that you take it off before you start listening, cause I’m seriously worried it couldn’t withstand such craziness.  

You can now listen to Burn here or on your favorite platform. If you’re a fan and you want to uncover some cool easter eggs and oddities about the EP, be sure to check the interview I did with Drvmmer below. If you’re a producer, be sure to don’t miss the Audius remix competition for ‘Without You’ as well!

By digging on your profile on SoundCloud it looks like this is your first EP. Is it so?

Not really, I started the Drvmmer project about 3/4 years ago and the very first Drvmmer release was an EP called Sad (First and Second). These were the times when I was making my first experiments in sound design and melodic/bass music. You can’t find a full official release of the two except for ‘Buried Alive’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away’ on my SoundCloud, but you can still find both the EPs around YouTube. I could say that Burn EP is a clear evolution of my style in terms of sound quality and feelings.

Your sound has been very coherent in the past years but this EP clearly delves into DnB. What led to the decision to put together an EP?

I was firstly blown away when Degra (founder of Electric Wave) offered me the chance to release a 4 track EP, so I quickly came up with some demos. Most of them were around 170 – 174 BPM and I think that DnB is a very special genre for a very special label like Electric Wave so I took the deal and made with Zimoh and Artika all the craziest things we had in mind (‘Xeno’ is a future-drum&bass-garage-riddim track).

We need to talk about ‘Right Now’. I mean, 6 drops? Were there all necessary? How do you even write a song like this one? Do you work on different drops in different studio sessions or do you jump from one to another without problems?

This was the funniest track to work on for that reason, I started it about 2 years ago but really made a pair of sessions to make the entire track, (it’s actually the oldest D&B song of all except for ‘Fast’, released on Electric Wave in 2020). I liked to give the chance to the listener to find themselves into a specific drop or part of the song, so I had to make a lot of drops!

I spotted a Lord Of The Ring sample. Are there any other easter eggs hidden in the EP?

Hell yes! I’m a big fan of the LOTR saga so I thought to cooperate with Gandalf The Grey to let the track express a little sign of gratitude for a very great movie with such an important scene like that. Also in ‘Xeno’ you can barely hear a quite used Italian expression but heavily processed to censor it just before the very first drop 😉 (Zimoh and me use this quite a lot lol). In ‘Burn’ the main chop vocal is an iPhone voice memo made quickly by me.

I see that you’re running a remix competition on Audius for the track ‘Without You’. Let’s dream for a moment: if you could pick 3 artists to remix the track, who would they be?

This is a very catchy question, I’d start by saying that I’m really enjoying this first Drvmmer remix competition and I can’t wait to hear all the works that will be submitted in the next days! It’s not a very common thing for underground artists like me so I’m really grateful for what is going on with it. So it’s not too easy to answer the main question but if I had to say three names in the whole scene that I would love to let them remix my music they clearly would be The Beatles, Skrillex and Mozart (I’m dying thinking about this oh my god hahaha).