Dropwizz & PRAV Blow Their Cover On 'Espionage' – FUXWITHIT

Toronto based Dropwizz has been a FUXWITHIT favorite for a minute. We’ve premiered several of his tracks and watched him grow over the years into the producer he is. Today, he is teaming up with Sydney, Australia based PRAV, to sneak a new banger into your track rotation. Dropwizz and PRAV deliver ‘Espionage’

‘Espionage’ begins with a dreary melody and haunting vocals that give the track a dark atmosphere. When you reach the drop, you are thrown into a glitchy, modulating space that is paired with some solid trap drums that give the track plenty of groove. Dropwizz and PRAV did an excellent job on making a build that inspires an epic feeling, with rich, large drums and crisp 808’s, you are then lead back into the computer world that they have built for us. Dropwizz and PRAV have truly come up with a uniquely sounding banger that will sound the alarm.

Listen to ‘Espionage’ below.