DROELOE Share Meaningful, Lighthearted Ballad 'Open Blinds' – FUXWITHIT

Half music, half art duo DROELOE have evolved into front-runners of the electronic music sphere through their unparalleled visual and sonic storytelling. Continuously pushing the boundaries of art, DROELOE always exceed expectations with their projects, often going beyond the norms to create intricately unique pieces. Staying true to this theme, the Dutch duo now return to the esteemed bitbird label with a new single titled ‘Open Blinds’ that attests to this ingenuity.

According to DROELOE, the track “is about the pressure that life naturally has (sometimes especially in the morning when starting your day) and how a fear of not being productive enough or a feeling of not spending your time right, will all but be solved by basking in those emotions. This track is a continuation of ‘The Choices We Face’ and serves as a form of affirmation to choose to spend my time with what feels right without worrying too much about what could have been.”

Musically, ‘Open Blinds’ is quintessential DROELOE in every sense, from the introductory vocals all the way to melodic closing. Again demonstrating their knack for evoking a wide range of emotions through sound, DROELOE cohesively deliver highs and lows in the form of a lighthearted ballad that is sure to brighten any listener’s mood. Don’t miss ‘Open Blinds’ below.