drajie Whisks Through the Night Sky with His 'realism piece 2022' – FUXWITHIT

Returning to the industry in a swift and memorable fashion, drajie shares his newest body of work, realism piece 2022. A gorgeously crafted three-track art piece that aims towards your hearts, auras, and overall mental states. The project only brings the smoothest and calmest tones you can ever imagine. Action-packed arrangements, angelic melodies, and even some experimental sounds sprinkled across each piece, you’ll be blown away by each journey the same amount. Coming back for more and never wanting to let this path of comforting emotions leave, realism piece 2022 is a surprising and exciting new edition to his discography!

drajie is creating a wonderful path for himself throughout his time. Releasing intoxicating compositions on his own, as well as teaming up with labels such as BONSAI, Future Vibes, and PIL Society. The beatmaker proves he’s learning as much as he can to continue to bring his listeners only the best qualities and characteristics—he never disappoints in the slightest. And with time, comes evolution. Known for his ‘realism’ EPs in the past, drajie always brings energy and a vast variety of qualities to his audience. And this newest installment only compliments the past while appreciating the present.

realism piece 2022 contains sweet and savory experiences, tapping into different fields within the spectrum. It includes fast-paced drum patterns, future beat arrangements, and even some jazzy melodies—everything you’ve ever loved about this artist shines brighter than ever. He leaves you with a wide-eyed perspective on life through each listen. Completely jaw-dropping to say the least. Nothing feels out of place and flows together in a natural and organic progression, grabbing your attention no matter what. What a way to welcome him back! Make sure to go support by streaming realism piece 2022.

drajie · realism piece 2022