Aitch & Arrdee Go Head To Head In ‘War’

Aitch and Arrdee have been compared in the past, with both sets of fans ready to say that their favourite is best. Aitch and Arrdee had other plans though – making bangers. Both artists have been on a phenomenal run as of late, with masses of chart success and their new collab ‘War’ is set to do exactly the same.

When the beat first comes in, it sounds like a tailor-made Arrdee beat. Moments later you hear the horns play their melody which instantly makes you think of Aitch. The intertwined styles make this the perfect beat for both artists to do their thing over, in their own special way. As the beat drops straight into the first chorus, Arrdee’s first bar already has you feeling like it’s going to be a hit. The two go back and forth on the chorus as if they were always a duo, bouncing off each other seamlessly.

The verses however are where both artists really shine. Arrdee delivers a syncopated flow, with rhymes landing in places you don’t expect them. Shutting down haters who say ‘luck got him in the booth,’ he shows why he’s a regular Top 10 Artist. The moment Aitch’s verse starts, already it’s clear he’s here to steal the show. “Arms too long when I lift these reps, hard to moan when you live this blessed,” is just one of the bars that has you screwfacing. He really makes it his own with naughty lyrics and a touch of class that many artists simply don’t have. It just feels right when he raps. A truly brilliant collaboration, which hopefully is just the first of more from this duo.