DILIP Showcases Diversity On 'Pressure III' – FUXWITHIT

DILIP is a true underground legend. When it comes to the SoundCloud beat scene few artists compare to his quality, catalog, and range. His new EP Pressure III is a reminder of his greatness. Packing 8 songs into 11 minutes it’s a short but sweet project that’s assured to have you hitting repeat. The project drifts between DILIP’s many styles. ‘jade’ and ‘slow motion’ bookend the release with a chilled-out vibe. Building upon that energy tracks like ‘dreaming’ and ‘reflect are effortlessly smooth with a breezy sun-filled flair. If you’re looking for a bit more intensity don’t worry ‘haila,’ ‘mercy,’ and ‘awesome’ have you covered. From exotic trap to drill-inspired bass and some wild west coast future bounce, all 3 are assured to hit just right. Oh and we can’t forget the elegant bop that is ‘the way.’ From front to back, this new DILIP tape is flawless.