Deafadil Adds Real Spice to the Underground with 'Hot Flow' – FUXWITHIT

Making a spicy and impactful debut with Partica Artist Group, Deafadil shocks us all with his newest single, ‘Hot Flow.’ An absolute monster of a tune ready to destroy anything in its way. A track that will truly dominate the dance floors no matter the size. Believe us when we say, you do not want to mess with this powerful track.

For a while now, Deafadil has been working his way up the ladder to bigger and higher goals. From intricate and energy-induced self-releases to teaming up with legendary movements like SUS COLLECTIVE, he’s creating a life-long lasting name for himself in the forms of endless cybernetic frequencies and impactful rhythmic structures. He just won’t stop until he’s fully fulfilled his dreams. With this newest single, he’s aiming for the top once again, and excelling with flying colors. Honoring the Partica team as well as himself.

This was a track that just started as a simple goofy hip hop beat, and eventually got beefed up into a more of a club/set-ready tune. I’m stoked on how it came out even with how ignorant it is (lol) and am very stoked to have Partica be the home for this one.


‘Hot Flow’ will absolutely surprise you to the highest degree. Starting off with a dark and mysterious introduction, he gives listeners a hint to what you can expect in long run. A powerful bass line mixed with groovy drums sets the bar quite high, creating tension and supreme excitement for all, and grasps the audience’s attention instantly. Sampling legendary MIMS was such a perfect decision. Serving as the main vocal in this journey, it carries the track in a fierce and wavy motion, paying homage to the original while also bringing it into the future.

As the track builds and builds, your hearts will start to come to life with eagerness and curiosity, preparing for what’s to come. Then finally, he hits us with a chaotic drop section. It contains his classic sound design mixed with brand new techniques to amp up the track’s character and vision. The groove alone will make your jaw drop and dance like no ones watching. A distorted bass, perfect vocal placements—you name it! This weapon contains it all and more. He even switches it up for the second chorus with a booming chopped vocal pattern. Lifting anyone off their feet, giving it more flavor and uniqueness and resulting in a purely memorable tune overall. We’re very excited to hear where he goes next. But for now, make sure to go support by streaming ‘Hot Flow’ everywhere via Partica Artist Group!