XAVAGE And The Oshi Unleash An Old School Flow With 'Hot' – FUXWITHIT

Unleashing an absolute monster tune, XAVAGE and The Oshi drop their newest piece, ‘Hot.’ A spicy and wavy anthem! A perfect combination of electronic and hip-hop that honors both movements with crisp production, iconic vocals, and booming energy. In ‘Hot,’ XAVAGE and The Oshi are ready to take over the dance floors while simultaneously bringing true justice to the underground. And that’s not all. Returning once again to the legendary label, and working together to create nothing but greatness, this is only the first single off of XAVAGE’s upcoming EP with Circus Records.

For some time now, XAVAGE has been delivering a special flare to the industry. His cosmic grooves combined with classic trap sound design have brought him wonderful success and endless determination. From shining self-releases, to working with top-tier labels such as Quality Goods Records, brednbutter, and more, he’s stopping at nothing. The beatmaker is also quite the regular with the Circus Records family. Taking a leap of faith, he released his first EP with the label back in 2020, creating major hype and curiosity for his overall project and giving him the spotlight he deserved. Now, XAVAGE and Circus are reuniting once again for his sophomore EP, changing the game and delivering only the best he has to offer.

“I released my first EP with Circus Records in 2020 and we have kept a close relationship ever since. As we approached 2022 it only made sense to release my sophomore EP with them. I’m honored to have Circus Records give me a platform to showcase my bouncy trap music even though historically the label is known for bass music. They truly believe in me.”


As for The Oshi, the Milwaukee-based artist has a burning passion and style of her own. From her addicting rhythmic structures to empowering vocals, she’s a complete powerhouse in her own right. She’s even blessed the works of Jon Casey, Sharrod Sloans, and now XAVAGE. Together, they make a dangerous team, resulting in one of the hardest tracks of 2022 so far.

‘Hot’ is a gift that keeps on giving. Containing colorful and priceless gems in the forms of free-flowing melodies, hard-hitting compositions, and more. The deep and groovy bass line completely takes over your body, forming chills all around and tapping right into your soul and inner mind with its attitude and personality. The track just makes you dance like no one’s watching. Creating a perfect and adaptable environment for The Oshi to make her own.

And once The Oshi pops in, she really gives it her all in such a suave and smooth fashion. An outstanding vocal performance with hypnotic tonnage takes the experience to the next level, making everything come together perfectly. It’s a song you’ll play on repeat while cruising down the streets with the utmost confidence. Not to mention the attention the detail. Swift drum patterns mixed with unique effects create a journey you’ll cherish. The natural and organic feeling compliments both artists from beginning to end. We’re excited for XAVAGE’s full EP, but for now, make sure to go support by streaming ‘Hot’ everywhere via Circus Records!