Dalfin & BLAOW! Flash Nothing But 'Dolla Signz' – FUXWITHIT

California boys Dalfin & BLAOW! have been steadily simmering in the pot of up-and-coming bass music producers, touching down into the genre pool right between the more experimental forms of bass music and dubstep, much to all listener’s delight. Fusing their creative energies and styles together for their first hybrid composition, they’ve whipped out the audio equivalent of a gold chain and the dire need to dust off one’s shoulders with ‘Dolla Signz,’ a true belter of a track.

Grab a towel, the swag is dripping off this piece like condensation off a leaky furnace. ‘Dolla Signz’ is both stylistically energetic, but not overly aggressive. It finds a successful middle ground that emphasizes the superb layering and overall quality of the sound design of the piece, while still making you feel all gangsterly goopy. This is a delightfully fun release, and one that can instantly rip you out of a negative head-space by just grooving to the beat. It’s unfortunate it was released during all current world events, as it would assuredly slam on a big sound system just meant for decimating thousands of eager listeners. For now, bump ‘Dolla Signz’ as loud as you can at home and rage to your heart’s desire. Check it out for yourself below!