Griz & Wreckno Turn Bigots To Stone With Mythological 'Medusa' – FUXWITHIT

Two of the biggest kings of the LGBTQ community in the EDM scene, the saxophone wielding maestro Griz, and quite possibly the sassiest man on the face of the planet, Wreckno, have hand-crafted a song that is just too good to miss. When the world around us is dark, what could possibly be better than a track that shoots sonic rainbows out of any sound system it graces with its presence? The piece in question is ‘Medusa’, and it’s a bop that will surely be an anthem for years to come.

“Word up it’s the anthem, put your fucking hands up, smiling cause I’m young, rich, gay and I’m handsome” are the opening vocals of this immensely spicy piece, right before you’re greeted by the absolutely delicious sub bass that caresses every crevice of your being. The blending of Wreckno’s love for hip-hop stylings and Griz’s longstanding attention to detail in all facets of his production creates a piece that makes medical waivers a necessity for chronic dislocated hipbones from dropping it low. Flaunting an infectious amount of movement and swing, ‘Medusa’ may turn to bigots to stone, but your feet will be set completely ablaze as the beat takes control. A fantastic gift to the LGBTQ during pride month, this should be an unmistakable anthem for years upon years to come. Check it out for yourself below!