PREMIERE: TaDa's 'Left My Heart In Hawaii' Is A Love letter To Paradise – FUXWITHIT

From the breathtaking mountains to the lush greenery, expansive coast lines and overall positive vibe, there’s something magical about Hawaii. TaDa’s latest release fittingly titled ‘Left My Heart In Hawaii’  is a love letter to the incredible island region. Inspired by his travels and connection to the islands, the release packs the transcendent beauty of its muse with a hint of longing. “I want the listeners to feel a euphoric, happy, warm feeling. Something to jam, relax, or drive too. Also to remind them if they have been there or get a feel for how it is in Hawaii. I definitely put a lot of happy emotions into the song, but also a sort of sad kind of vibe that I won’t be there again for a while haha. Mainly happy, summery, loving emotions though, and a chill vibe to represent how laidback it is out there,” TaDa tells us.

‘Left My Heart In Hawaii’ pairs upbeat feels with alluring vocal bends and shimmering synths. The opening feels like a day spent with your favourite person cruising the island in a Jeep with the doors off. Adding a further layer of depth comes a live saxophone section that switches the mood from bright sunshine to sunset vibes. “The sampled sax I had in there had a really cool melody which I then changed to rhodes and put in towards the end of the song now but before that it was a solo during the bridge and one of my genius musician friend called me out on it and said it sounds like shit cause it doesn’t have any real characteristics and to get someone to play live sax lmao. I agreed only because I have a lot of live instrumentation in there already like the ukulele on the second half of the first drop and rhodes in the bridge as well as an organ in the second drop. It did make a difference because it glued together all the live instrumentations and it sounded a lot more real than the sampled sax haha,” explains TaDa.

If you’ve spent time in Hawaii this one is sure to bring back all the incredible memories you have, from hiking the Pillbox to cooling at Kailua Beach. With vacation plans on pause for most around the world, let this track be your ticket to paradise. Stream ‘Left My Heart In Hawaii’ below and grab the free download.