CORTR And MICA Travel To New Heights With 'Hurtful Things' – FUXWITHIT

New Zealand musician, CORTR has teamed up with chill master MICA on a heartfelt one. Their new single ‘Hurtful Things’ is out now on Dim Mak records. These two wizards have made quite a name for themselves within the underground scene. CORTR continues to amaze his audience with impactful future bass chords and heavy drums. Releasing on labels such as Tribal Trap, Quality Goods Records and more, the artist is paving a smooth path towards great success.

If you haven’t heard MICA’s past work, we suggest checking it out. He’s known for creating lush and unique atmospheres. Hypnotizing his listeners into a state of awe and curiosity. Every track released holds something fresh and deep.

‘Hurtful Things’ is a love letter and honoring to melodic music everywhere. Clearly hearing the amount of time and effort it took to create an intricate piece blows you away from beginning to end. It’s a journey holding familiar feelings and new elements. Complimenting their styles in unison. The way they design their buildups creates a feeling of excitement and intensity. The thick and magnificent chord structure takes you away into a new world. Making a space for an airy lead on top. Playing an addicting melody. Soothing to the listener’s ear. A feeling as if you traveled to the distant future. Finding new discoveries within yourself.

Once the final chorus kicks in, you’re taken back by the subtleness. You can hear MICA’s soft touch within the qualities on this one. Making the listener feel they’re flying into the sunset. Waiting to experience whatever is over the horizon. A vibe you’ll never want to end.

‘Hurtful Things’ is memorable and gorgeous. These two artists make a wonderful team. They went out of their way to create a brand new story for us to hear. Showing everyone what their friendship is made of through sound. We’re excited to hear what’s next for them. Make sure to go support by streaming the single below.

Dim Mak Records · CORTR & MICA – Hurtful Things [FREE DOWNLOAD]