Rome in Silver Returns to Monstercat With 'Forever' Alongside Tails – FUXWITHIT

Following his groovy debut on Monstercat back in July, Rome in Silver is back on the coveted imprint today with the second single from his upcoming project, this time collaborating with Tails on the light-hearted ‘Forever.’

Earlier this month, Rome in Silver tweeted that his “next EP [is]  gonna be a bit more commercial,” admitting that “some people may not vibe with it and that’s cool.” Not to put words in anyone’s mouths, but from what we’ve heard so far, we think it’s safe to say that this project is not a departure from the Rome in Silver sound that many have come to love, but moreso an evolution of the fun, refreshing essence that he has provided in recent years.

While ‘Friends’ is a genre-defying jam that blends elements of pop, future bass and beyond, ‘Forever’ is much more focused on musicality, with a repeated vocal looping throughout the track over a pristine instrumental backdrop. The piece does not provide major highs or lows in energy, but keeps listeners enthralled from start to finish due to its beautiful simplicity and cheerful bounce in the latter half.

Despite this being Rome in Silver’s first collaboration with a producer in six years, his chemistry with Tails is undeniable as the two have created a feel-good ballad sure to put a smile on your face. Don’t miss ‘Forever’ below.