Moorandot Introduces A New Feeling With 'Ok' – FUXWITHIT

Japan based musician, Moorandot dropped his first debut single and it’s a special one. His new track ‘Ok’ is out now on IWI Collective. There’s no doubt he made an impactful first impression on many with this. We highly recommend checking it out.

‘Ok’ is an emotional and heart filled journey with lush and hypnotic atmosphere. In the beginning, we can hear a distorted vocal along with impactful drums and synths. Combining to create a beautiful and lovable start. And once the build begins to form, the listener is immediately lost in the song due to its spacious design and feel. Then the drop comes in. Now if you love experimental music, this will leave a huge smile on your face.

Within the drop contains a world you never thought existed. It creates a feeling of floating through space and time. The violent but beautiful sound design compliments the soft melodic portions perfectly. He knows how to use the frequency spectrum to his liking. And playing around with it to create a brand new type of vibe. Astonishing to say the least. Every second of the song holds something unique and out of this world. You don’t know what element you’ll experience next. Making this piece memorable for years to come.

Moorandot made sure to impact his new audience with everything he’s got. The creation and emotional approach to this song is impressive and addicting. Leaving any music lover satisfied to their core and wanting more. We’re excited to see and hear what’s next for him. Make sure to go support by streaming and downloading the new single on SoundCloud.

IWI Collective. · Moorandot – Ok [IWI36]