Cardi B Responds To Haters Who Criticized Her Verse On Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me (Remix)”

One thing about Cardi B, she’s going to clap back. The Bronx rapper recently caught wind of the critics who weren’t too fond of her verse on Flo Milli‘s “Never Lose Me (Remix).” However, she isn’t taking the backlash to heart, as she feels she ultimately wound up getting the last laugh.

“When the Flo Milli record came out, motherf**kers were so mad that I was on it. ‘Ugh, Cardi’s not even going to sound good on it,’” she mocked on her recent Instagram Live. “And then, when it came out, some haters, they didn’t even hear it. They just said, ‘She just don’t go on with the song.’”

Then, she pointed out how the reception of the song tells a different story, as her verse went viral on social media immediately and is currently the backtrack to many people’s videos. “And now, there’s over 10,000 TikToks of people talking ’bout- the pretty b**ches be like, ‘B**ch can never be me in her life, b**ch can never be me in her life,” she continued, reciting her own catchy lines.


After thanking the “pretty b**ches only,” the “I Like It” spitter also reiterated how people should prioritize opinions from those who matter instead of listening to all critiques. “That’s why you can’t ever go with what people say. I have to go with what the artist says. The artist, which is Flo Milli, f**kin’ loved the verse. And she’s a real b**ch… and SZA loved it. I just want to say, this is why you can’t listen to no f**kin’ body,” she concluded.

Flo’s “Never Lose Me” was released in November 2023 and has since peaked to No. 18 on the Hot 100, a career best. It also took social media by storm and topped the TikTok Billboard chart at No. 1.

SZA and Cardi weren’t the only artists who wanted to join in on the record’s success. Lil Yachty officially added his guest verse in December 2023, and Bryson Tiller did the same by the end of that month. Listen to both versions of the track below.