Keon Coleman May Just Be “Most Likable Player” Of 2024 NFL Draft After Showing First 24Hrs With Buffalo Bills

Keon Coleman, round two pick of the 2024 NFL draft, has shown why he has potential to be a great asset to the sport beyond his cleats on the field.

The newly-recruited Buffalo Bills wide receiver shared what his first 24 hours was like with his new team, which left many in awe of his humble and humorous personality. Born in Louisiana, the 6’4″ athlete relished in every moment of his newfound livelihood.

In one video, Coleman was excited to learn that the hotel where he was staying had an ice rink instead of a swimming pool, whereas in another, he gave shopping tips that he learned from his mom while also sharing a cookie with a member of the media.

“Guess where I got this from?” Coleman asked about his yellow puffer coat during a press conference. “Macy’s,” he revealed of his Guess jacket. “They be on sale on the rack. All the colors. Look, $79.89. Nice lil’ deal. You can get a trench coat for like $100. I’ll take you there personally.” He also shared that he needs more colors of the jacket including blue and another red one — can anyone else see a brand deal coming?

“See, I shop like my mama,” the 20-year-old continued. “I get my coats in the Summer time. You gotta shop a season or two before just in case, and they be cheaper. Because if you go at Thanksgiving everybody there.”

He then checked that his microphone was on “just in case anybody tried to set him up.”

Immediately following the conference, Coleman told everyone to “have a great day” and rushed over to the snack table for some chocolate chip cookies.

Challenging a member of the media about the “goodness” of the cookie, he then decided to split the chocolatey treat with the reporter.

In another video, Coleman could be seen and heard riding with others in a car while sharing his confusion on why his hotel had an ice rink instead of a swimming pool. A man in the backseat claimed that “here in Buffalo we got more ice rinks instead of pools,” to which Coleman expressed disappointment and responded, “that’s out of the ordinary.”

Another clip was shared of Coleman visiting the Bills workout center where cryotherapy is offered, and the Gen Z-er couldn’t resist but to reenact a smokey walk-out scene from WWE.

“Cut the lights off I feel like the Undertaker,” he told a staffer there. “Let’s do it again. We gotta re-shoot that and put his music on.” He hilariously proceeded to exit the chilling freezer as Undertaker’s signature music played.

What truly showcased clear “Black boy joy,” was a clip of Coleman finally touching the red, white and blue Bills field logo, and even running the entire 120 yards.

In his cold weather get up, he sprinted across the touchdown line with his arms wide open.

“Boy this sh*t is crazy,” he basked in the reality of his dreams coming true.

See below.