Lashana Lynch Wants A ‘Bridesmaids’ Remake Starring Issa Rae And Keke Palmer

Bob Marley: One Love star Lashana Lynch is daydreaming of a Bridesmaids remake, and she knows exactly who she wants to have in the hypothetical sequel.

“I better really think quick because I see interviews like this all the time, and then five years later they’re like, ‘It actually happened’ — but no pressure,” Lynch joked with PEOPLE. “Okay, why did Goldie Hawn just come into my mind?”

She then chose Issa Rae, the “hilarious” Keke Palmer, Meryl Streep, and original cast members from the 2011 film, Rebel Wilson and Maya Rudolph. Lynch later added, “I mean, it can also be a trilogy!”

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Bridesmaids, which was co-written by and starred Kristen Wiig, grossed $26 million during its opening weekend and, ultimately, over $306 million globally. It is regarded as one of the best comedies of the 21st century.

When Lynch isn’t thinking of recreating her favorite films, she likes to maintain a “really quiet” life.

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“I surround myself with quiet, whether it be in my garden — I have a million plants, too many plants still growing. I tend to them a lot,” she explained. “I have a dog. We play a lot and just chill. And I try and hang with my friends as much as possible.”

Due to her demanding film schedule, she shared, “it’s challenging to find that kind of coming back to self.”

However, she finds herself being centered once she’s around friends. “I do really enjoy, actually, is being in conversation with my friends,” noted the British actress. “Really expressing what my time has been so that I can almost task my friends to be my anchor when I don’t feel like I’m as balanced as I should be.”