CAMBOT Unwraps Gold With His 'Cycles' EP – FUXWITHIT

With 2020 coming to a close, it only makes sense for artists to leave it off on a high note. And CAMBOT exceeds expectations with his brand new Cycles EP. A perfect Christmas present for all. His intricate process of integrating his skills into this project was executed beautifully. Known for his impactful drum patterns and unique sound design, he’s honored the trap genre like no other. Creating his own style to impress listeners across the underground. Earning his true place within the electronic industry. Only to aim higher with each release. And this project proves it and more.

The Cycles EP is a spiritual awakening. An honoring for each step of the sun and moon’s journey. And into their prime time. This project holds many soothing and stellar qualities. From a spacious track called ‘Sunrise’ to a wild and sound design focused masterpiece titled ‘Golden Hour,’ it’s a journey you don’t want to sleep on. Every track feels in tune with the others, creating a smooth and gentle wave of progression through cosmos. You can easily hear the amount of time and talent it took to create such unique pieces. Truly impressive. Not to mention the amount of groove and rhythm it contains. Characteristics which are enjoyable for any music lover. Wherever you go, turning on this group of gems is an instant party starter. Creating a cooling sensation with every listen.

CAMBOT is a unique individual when creating art. His knowledge and practice through music production is shown to the highest within every second of this EP. If you’re looking for something positive and impactful to end this year on, this is it. So make sure to go support him by streaming the project on SoundCloud.

CAMBOT · Cycles EP