BONSAI's 'HAYASHI' Compilation Is Future Beat At Its Finest – FUXWITHIT

“With the release of our debut roster compilation Hayashi (meaning “woods”), our goal was to illustrate the various landscapes that one can find in the solace of the trees, and the emotions they invoke. Whether it’s the comfort provided by the stillness of pine, the mournfulness of the weeping willow, or the harmony and balance found in the comfort of the bonsai, we hope to transcend you to a place you find peace on our walk through the woods.” The words accompany the release of BONSAI’s latest compilation and provide the perfect foundation for what to expect. Much like nature, music has a way of connecting with us on a deeper plane; moving us emotionally, changing the way we feel and giving us life. Hayashi does just that over the span of 12 future-leaning tracks.

Starting strong is BONSAI co-founder capshun’s ‘FREAKOUT.’ The track is classic capshun; combining epic builds and breaks with forward-thinking plucks and knocking percussion. Fellow curators Afrosamuraiist & Sasha Rome follow with the vibe rich ‘The Abyss’ and the housey ‘Endure’ respectively. spüke’s ’emanate’ provides lush and futuristic bass lines that make it instantly addictive. ‘crashindacoup’ delivers some serious Masego vibes as Foolie $urfin’ pairs smoother than butter vocals over a mesmeric backdrop. Other standouts include Archr’s bouncy ‘Da Daa’ and the soothing slapper ‘Mercy’ from AN TY. The project also features Kilamanzego, MANTRABLU, Boy JUGO, harlyyn & náttúra.

We want to see Future Beats become the sound of 2020 and compilations like Hayashi are just what we need to help make it happen. Stream below and grab the free download.