Bensley Electrifies Our Ears With New Release On UKF ‘Roll The Dice’

After an unexpected cameo on Mau5trap, Bensley has returned on UKF, this time with a full release on the label. I’ll be straight honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Canadian producer, but when Steph sent me ‘Roll The Dice’, I immediately knew I had to get behind the keyboard to write about it.

Before talking about the song itself, I’d like to take a second to reflect on how “strange” it is to see a D&B artist releasing on  Mau5trap. A label that boasts a totally different background.  Let’s be clear, in recent years Deadmau5’s founded imprint has made a decisive turn. It added a genre-fluid selection to the niche sound to which it had dedicated itself in the first few years, becoming a much more eclectic outlet (a la Monstercat). However, this is yet another symptom that shows that Drum&Bass is indeed conquering more and more space in America. Good times ahead folks!

Let’s get back to UKF, Bensley and ‘Roll The Dice’.  This is one of those songs that I call “serotonin-boosters.” It triggers exactly the part of me that wants to feel cheerful, laidback, free from my duties for a little moment. It’s an open window on a tiny escapism world where each one of us wants to jump in at a certain point of our weeks. The vocals that encourage us to “Roll the dice, let’s see what happens, when its late at night,” are extremely catchy and are a pleasure to sing along to. Sometimes they feel a bit stifled by autotune but in the end, this slight distortion makes them integrate more organically with the synths. The melody is extremely catchy as well and is instantly likable. It’s straightforward? Yes. Is this a good reason to criticize it? Hell no. As said before, it enters your head so quickly that in an instant you find yourself thinking of nothing else but dancing, running, living your best life. I love how Bensley channeled the same electrifying mood of some Netsky and Fred V & Grafix’s classics I grew up with into ‘Roll The Dice.’ Definitely a song that will stay on rotation in my selection for a while.

Listen to  ‘Roll The Dice’ below or on your favorite platform here.