BBK Return To Hand Out 'Red Card's – FUXWITHIT

It’s been a long time since we heard from Boy Better Know, but if there was ever a time to bring back one of Grime’s greatest groups to date, it’s now. As soon as the melody from the beat starts, it already feels like a BBK track, the hairs on your back of your neck rise as you know what’s about to happen. Then… Frisco. One of the best voices in the genre, spitting so effortlessly in true BBK fashion. There’s so many great verses throughout this track without one dipping and that’s the beauty of Boy Better Know jumping on a track together. Each star shines in their own right. Skepta oozes cool and dishes up stylistic class with his signature flow that dips and dives. JME used his ABC’s in a verse that could only be written by the Grime MC himself. Jammer spits as if he’s back at Lord Of The Mics, losing his mind with his squad in the back. Shorty drops punchline after punchline like “when we walk in the room man make space for the elephants“… how much better does it get? Well, the man who brought them all back for this tune, Frisco, could be the only rapper out there to top it off. The beat is super hard and any one of these artists could have made the biggest tune of the year over it, but when they all come together like this, it’s curtains.