Baauer And Holly 'Post Up' With CL For Insane Track – FUXWITHIT

Baddest Asian Female CL returns from her hiatus with ‘Post Up,’ produced by Bauuer and Holly. The song is a short introduction to her new brand and an upcoming album.

If you don’t know her already, CL was part of one of the biggest female k-pop groups, 2NE1. After going solo, her sound went harder, and she began working with artists like Lil Yachty, Diplo, Skrillex, and more. With a discography that stacked, we can’t wait to see what the new era of CL will bring. An intro song produced by two trap legends like Baauer and Holly seems to be a good start, though. On her Instagram, she says,

+POST UP+ is a short video that I will release before the album with gratitude for my fans who have trusted me and waited for so long! I wanted to communicate with you quickly, so l just showed you this first, but it’s my special gift! I hope my feelings are conveyed well. ‬

‪Starting in October, we’ll continue to run from single to full-length album release, so enjoy POST UP to your heart’s content, savor and warm up! I’m looking forward to making memories with GZBZ again. Stay healthy! Thank you always.


‘Post Up’ is the perfect way to introduce the new CL. The South Korean rapper not only mentions her past with the former k-pop group, but she also expresses gratitude for them. However, she doesn’t shy away from letting the world know that she’s onto bigger, better things. Plus, she’s doing all of that while also being the baddest bitch around. ‘Post Up’ is powerful and dynamic, and the song wouldn’t hit as hard without Bauuer and Holly’s booming basslines and quintessential trap “woofs.” Needless to say, if you need an ego booster, this is it, chief.

Listen and watch CL’s ‘Post Up’ below!