AWAY, Roniit And Crywolf Join Forces On 'Parasite' – FUXWITHIT

Not many tracks touch on the internal struggles we all face within ourselves. The demons we come in contact with. Mentally and spiritually. But AWAY, Roniit and Crywolf came together to make it apparent and real. Their new collaboration, ‘Parasite’ is a powerful piece of art. Holding many characteristics and secrets to discover. A journey all music lovers should experience. Known for their gritty and lush atmospheres, the heavy hitters all make an incredible team. Gripping their audience with deep and soulful melodies.

According to the description on SoundCloud, ‘Parasite’ is about the darkness that tells us to numb the pain. To self medicate and run full speed towards instant gratification. The daily battle we wage inside ourselves against dissociation, addiction and the forces of annihilation. A haunting and impactful meaning to say the least. This song has everything you’ve come to know and love from each artist. AWAY sharing his distorted and glitchy vocal processing, Roniit serenading us with her intoxicating voice, and Crywolf blessing the track with his indie influenced space within the arrangement. All of their styles coming together to form a smooth and violent poem. Each section holds something fresh and moving. Creating a feeling you won’t want to end.

There’s never a dull moment within this song. From the ghoulish sound pallet, to the magnificent vocal wave, you’ll have this track on repeat. Stream ‘Parasite’ below.

AWAY · AWAY x Roniit x Crywolf – Parasite