Automhate Bombards The Airwaves With Irresponsibly Heavy Ego Stream EP – FUXWITHIT

Have you or a loved one had the itch to get absolutely demolished by body-eviscerating carnal dubstep in the past year? Then you’ve probably rinsed a solid number of tunes from Automhate, whether you realized it or not. Whipping up some of the dankest dubs in all the communal music ecosystem with seemingly relative ease, he’s lambasted listeners with massive hits like ‘Conflict‘, ‘Bring the Funk‘, and ‘Scavenger‘, all crafted with the unrelenting desire to take out as many bodies as possible in the process. Now, he’s back at it once again with his first release on the progressive dubstep label Halcyon in the form of his 5 track Ego Stream EP.

Wasting no time diving right into the full brutality of this EP, ‘Uplift’ rockets heart rates to borderline reckless levels. Ominous from the very beginning, listeners will be stuck in a death trap that they haven’t even realized they’ve been lured into. Practically forcing “hot damn it’s time to fuck shit up” energy to ooze from every pore in your body, the combination of brutal sound design and carnal hype form a track that is as intimidating as it is lethal.

In terms of raw power, ‘Tonal Riddim’ is one of the brightest points of the entire year. Utilizing bone-shaking horns and ludicrous sub bass, you’ve got a big ol’ problem on your hands. Imbuing all listeners with sensational electricity coursing through their bones, it has the same effect as ambrosia on the Greek gods of old. Infectious rhythm and an undeniable swagger showcase just how talented of an artist Automhate really is.

The last track I’m going to cover from Ego Stream, the absolutely gorgeous ‘Motion-E’, is a luscious dive into the more melodic section of traditional riddim. Trading gruesome ferocity for magnificent beauty, this is a piece that ignites the soul with instant euphoria. Affording you some peace in a time of major strife, pieces like this make time slip away just a bit slower, allowing you to fully engage in that time and place in a vibrant cocoon of serenity. Pushing the boundaries of sound and style with grace and poise, ‘Motion-E’ will assuredly be a track that you compulsively rinse in times of vulnerability for quite some time to come.

If there’s anything to take away from Ego Stream as a whole, it’s that Automhate is continuing to push sonic genre boundaries with relative ease, effortlessly navigating a diverse array of styles and putting his own trademarked aesthetic imprint on each. If he wasn’t on your radar beforehand, he absolutely should be now. Check out the other two tracks ‘Daemons’, and ‘Ego Stream’, along with the rest of the full EP for yourself below!