ASHEZ Strikes Back With His 'Digital Human' EP – FUXWITHIT

With much anticipation, ASHEZ‘s newest EP, Digital Human has dropped. To no surprise, the heavy-hitter yet again impresses his audience with his intricate creativity. The mastermind pays special attention to details from his atmospheres, drums and sound design overall. With each track off the EP getting released over a period of time, he’s built a lot of hype around the art

The Digital Human EP is an intense and groovy ride. Every song is a positive and hyped up experience. They can easily turn a gloomy day into a bright one. It has a little something for every electronic music lover. From groovy trap style pieces, to classic dubstep, he shows everyone what he’s capable of. He gives each creation their own unique qualities. Making them their own spirit, while blending it all together in a coherent fashion. Creating a smooth flow through the EP itself while keeping it different. There’s no doubt you’ll be dancing to his intoxicating melodies and rhythms.

Whether you’re a hardcore bass head or not, you’ll have a huge amount of respect for ASHEZ and what he’s created. We’re very excited to see and hear what he brings next. Make sure to go support by streaming the Digital Human EP.

ASHEZ · Digital Human EP