Allan Franzner Shares Deep Thoughts In Who Pays The Price?

Experimental multi-instrumentalist and composer Allan Franzner is on top of his game with this fascinating collection of thought-provoking and at times sarcastic songs about the state of the society. Who Pays The Price? Is filled with heavy riffs and punchy beats, bringing best of modern pop and hip-hop into play as the artist discusses, often with a comical touch, themes such as late stage capitalism, the ruling class against the working class and the risk of climate catastrophe, and so much more.

In an interview, Allan spoke about the most personal of the eleven songs on the album, “I think that one is the third track, “Flowers and Butterflies”. It was originally written a while ago and then I decided to change the pronouns to she/her and then explored many of the toxic behaviors that I’ve witnessed, either from others to themselves, myself to others or vice-versa, plus misleading negative thoughts that one has sometimes.” Truly, to dive into this album would mean to dive into a well full of gems you can explore, opinions and thoughts that may be new or different to yours. Check out the songs in Who Pays The Price? down below.

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