Afrosamuraiist Shoots A Major Motion Picture With 'Dholi Taro' – FUXWITHIT

Coming out of the shadows, Afrosamuraiist chops the competition once again. But this time, he’s honoring the Bollywood industry with his newest single, ‘Dholi Taro.’ Defintiely check out his other Bollywood remixes because they do not disappoint. From singles such as ‘Deewani,’ ‘Dola’ and more, each has their own characteristics and flare to bring the industry into the spotlight and share its gorgeous sounds and culture. Afrosamuraiist has worked well and hard to make sure he truly brings honor to it all. And with his newest single reaching new heights.

‘Dholi Taro’ is a complete storyteller. From gripping 808s to monstrous drums, there’s nothing not to like about this art piece. The vocals being the main source of lead ties everything together in a beautiful fashion. Making anyone want to get up and dance. Afrosamuraiist is known for his wavy rhythms, so hearing the intoxicating flow should be no surprise. Every second has something unique to offer. Even the percussion fits perfectly to keep the track moving. Making the vibe that much more memorable. For it being a shorter track, he’s managed to capture the jaw dropping atmosphere and culture surrounding the film, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.’ While sharing a brand new side of it all with his music abilities.

Afrosamuraiist continues to impress many with his pieces. Shifting from rhythm to rhythm, he’s touched the souls of many through sound and frequency. Make sure to go support his work by streaming ‘Dholi Taro’ everywhere.