whereisalex Is Here To 'shine' A Line Of Light On Your Darkest Times – FUXWITHIT

Feeling down? Feeling blue? Well have no fear because whereisalex is back once again to cheer you up with a brand new track. His newest single ‘shine’ is a true call to love and happiness. Making everything seem right again. With his bouncy and bubbly personality within the spectrum, it’s always a treat whenever you hear a new piece from him. Known for his lush and precious melodies, he’s dominated the industry with his master production skills. Continuing to share new atmospheres and rhythms with every release. Making you remind yourselves why you even fell in love with this music.

‘shine’ will leave a permanent smile on your face. Embracing its joyous and emotional qualities through each and every note being played. Not to mention how impactful those drums are through it all. This whole journey is a huge blanket of prosperity and harmony. Comforting each and every listener. Letting them know brighter days will arrive. The high-pitched lead which carries the first half of the track gives you goosebumps. Playing in a synchronized pattern to really give the track flavor. While throwing in fun little fills to make it all pop. The second half will transport the listener into an area full of greenery and life. Enjoying and honoring the nature surrounding it. Observing and discovering new things. It’ll make you want to lay in a patch of flowers and stare at the bright blue sky. Enjoying the sounds of everything around you. Nothing but being in the moment. Ending you off with a satisfying feeling.

whereisalex is an artist like no other. His ability to translate true emotion into music is breathtaking and inspirational. This is by far one of his greatest tracks to date. So make sure to go support him by streaming ‘shine’ on SoundCloud.

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