Across The Pond: Arrdee – FUXWITHIT

As the U.K. lockdown eases, music lovers across the nation are eagerly needing some new doses of sonic enjoyment. The country needs a happy chappy to bring some smiles to people’s faces in the current climate; cue Arrdee. The seaside town of Brighton is known for its fish & chips, party lovers, quirky lifestyle, and beaches… but not for its white rappers, until now. To some, it may seem that this man has appeared out of nowhere. A new kid on the block who’s come in to make some hits and disappear. When in fact, Arrdee has been doing his thing for years and recently his opportunities got a whole lot bigger. From Rooftop Rhymes on Grime Spree TV 3 years back, to shelling Mixtape Madness, getting a number 1 and having the whole nation know your bars. Pretty good right?

Within the last four months, Arrdee has catapulted his success into the stratosphere. After his ‘Cheeky Bars’ freestyle, the hype grew stronger and just at the right time. Tion Wayne and Russ Millions recently dropped their newest collaboration ‘Body’ which fans knew was always going to have a remix filled with artists. Once again; cue Arrdee. His cheeky, slapstick lyrics of a proper English geezer, caught the hearts of the nation. Even Mia Khalifa and H3H3 Productions were caught singing “Have you seen the state of her body, if I beat it I ain’t wearing a Jonny!” – it’s been unworldly. At just 18 years of age, Arrdee is one of the hottest artists in the U.K. scene out of nowhere, all by being his cheeky self and letting it shine through in his lyrics. He’s the rapper of the moment, so here’s just three must listens to get you started.

6am In Brighton

Unashamedly repping his hometown in the best way possible. A freestyle to make his mark on the industry. “I’m just a seaside boy who sat in his ding dong rappin” and that’s exactly what this freestyle embodies. This is me. This is what I do. I’m here to stay. Arrdee’s wordplay throughout the tune has you smiling and that’s not easy to do. Fantastic track.

Plugged In

If this video doesn’t show you how much fun Arrdee is having with it, then you’ve not been watching. He’s not here to talk about a life he doesn’t live in criminal gangs, he’s here to rap about his cheeky, party lifestyle. A refreshing change some may say. “They can’t mold me into what they want, I ain’t playdo, I ain’t plastic, I ain’t gangster, this ain’t gang biz.” A freestyle that many can relate to and the numbers show.

Oliver Twist

One of the top comments on this track is, “I love the way he raps but I love his personality more,” and that pretty much sums up this breakthrough act. Hitting 1.3 million views on day 1, his latest single ‘Oliver Twist’ is more of the free-spirited character that, within just a few months, fans feel they know and love. A cracking beat with more fun lyrics makes this track a great follow-up release after the recent success of ‘Body’.

Anything could happen right now as we find ourselves at the upward curve of Arrdee’s sky-rocketing career. ‘Oliver Twist’ could very well chart and substantiate his recent reign over the nation and beyond. We may even get an Arrdee project before the year is up. It’s an exciting time for fans of the new hit machine that is this young Seaside Superstar.