4B & Damian Avila Brings It Back To The Roots With New Heater ‘Drum’

Bobby McKeon also known as 4B, has perfected his original and bass-driven sound which has expanded across the globe. Beginning his career performing at local teen nights around his area and hosting his own parties throughout New York and New Jersey, 4B is a talented and motivated producer who we consistently look up to in the music industry.  Throwing it back to his iconic release of ‘Pop Dat’ which completely took over the festival scene in 2015. After playing his legendary Hulk Gang set with Valentino Khan at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, 4B is bringing it back to his roots by calling upon Damian Avila for their new heater ‘Drum.’

With the tempo up a notch, hard-hitting basslines and echos of vocals start to bring the bounce into the picture. As luring vocals bring you in, a fury of drums and energetic synths craft a melody so sweet to the ears. As prolonged frequencies and alarming instrumentals warn you about what is to come, 4B & Avila are all about the ‘Drum’ as listeners are taken on a  journey of true experimentation at its finest. Just follow the unique sounds and voices which will not disappoint you as you play this dance-floor heater at your next party. A  natural when it comes to delivering tracks fueled by his drive to keep pushing his unique sound forward, 4B is only getting warmed up for the summer.