PREMIERE: Barilan Raises The Bar With Recent Single 'Call My Friends'

Here at FUXWITHIT, after all this time we still get that special feeling inside when we’re able to share our love for a rising artist that has done nothing short of blow us away. House-centric producer Barilan fits the bill perfectly. With his discography full of unreeling high-energy records with aggressive baselines and beautiful melodies, you never quite know what to expect from each consecutive Barilan record. After producing for many years, the past few have marked a new beginning in this production wizard’s career as he saw the release of his Resistance EP on Confession and his single ‘Race For Survival’ on Welcome Records. Moving forward into the new decade, we’re beginning to witness the arrival of Barilan’s fully formed highly energetic sound with his most recent releases, and ‘Call My Friends’ is no different. With this record, the man in question makes his Bite This debut along with many other talented artists on the Bite This Now Vol. 1 compilation.

Right out the gate, we’re met with this party-rocking up-tempo four-on-the-floor percussion pattern that is periodically joined by a variety of creative and on-topic sample selections from phones of all eras. Soon after we’re introduced to the hypnotic vocal sample that becomes the main carrying force throughout these first sections. Not long after, elements of the record are stripped back to show off the pounding baseline and masterful percussion elements. With summer quickly approaching, this is definitely one you can count on hearing at your local pool, and with vaccinations quickly rising, we hope to hear this on a proper festival sound system soon. Check out this one and the entire compilation down below!