Jay Robinson And Dominique Dominate The Dance Floors With 'Complicated' – FUXWITHIT

Eager to get your groove on? Well, fear no more because Jay Robinson and Dominique are here to turn your dreams into reality. And teaming up with hau5trap for the first time is elevating their spirits even higher! Opening brand new doors to new possibilities. Using the space of frequency to his advantage, Jay has created some serious hits within electronic music. He’s made his way through the industry and touched the energy of many listeners around the world. From releasing on Night Bass, INSOMNIAC and even UKF, the artist is a weapon of mass destruction. Waiting to take over the dance floors in the future.

As for Dominique, her enticing and organic vocals can take the listener high above the clouds any day. Her soothing aura within her work can mesmerize a crowd for miles. Not to mention her range is untouched due to the shining light within. Guiding her to pure success. We highly suggest checking out her past work! And together, these two shared a beautiful musical bond to create yet another banger on both of their ends.

‘Complicated’ is an intoxicating trip to the beach. It transports the listener into a bright and sunny area filled with gorgeous wildlife. The pure and raw essence of the house music genre is put on a high pedestal with each second. And they waste no time in giving it their all from start to finish. Jay’s well-developed drums mixed with a funky bass line takes the hand of anyone and brings them into a limelight. Dancing the night and day away. Creating new wonderful memories to be cherished. And Dominique’s elegant and soft-spoken lyrics raise the vibe by a ton. It adds another layer of rhythm to the whole arrangement. Resulting in a memorable wonderland.

Both Jay Robinson and Dominique make a wonderful team. We’re excited to hear where they go on from here. Make sure to go support them both by streaming ‘Complicated’ everywhere!