Young Thug may be nailed by an anonymous phone call from 11 years ago

YSL RICO Trial: Young Thug Could Be Nailed by Anonymous Phone Call from 11 Years Ago

They came to my house and told me that the guy who shot is called Young Thug, whoever he is” this is the content of a phone call to the police dating back to 2013. An anonymous woman actually indicated YT as the person responsible for a murder.

The phone call was used as evidence in the YSL RICO case during a hearing on Tuesday (Feb. 20).

Things are looking bad for Young Thugalso because, in addition to the phone call, the defense lawyer of one of the YSL affiliates, Nicole Fegan, was also arrested and accused of interfering with evidence in 2022.

Nicole Fegan would have in fact advised a YSL member, accused of having participated in a shooting that resulted in murder and for which an arrest warrant was pending, to get rid of the phone.