What’s Next For The Black Mafia Family? ‘BMF’ Season Two Finale Recap

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This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘New Beginnings.’ Meech and Terry finally handle Detective Bryant, Lamar and B-Mickie before charting the next big step for BMF’s expansion, which will change the course of their relationship forever. Click inside to read the full recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 10.


After spending a good majority of this season trying to build BMF into a household name and expand their business, the Flenory brothers finally seem to have gotten all they had dreamed about. As we all know though, things are never what they seem. Before Meech and Terry can start living the life they’ve been chasing, there were some pressing issues that needed to be dealt with.


One of the biggest thorns in Terry and Meech’s side since the first season has been the menace Lamar. In just this season alone, Lamar has pulled up on the Flenory household (luckily Lucille talked him down), stolen product from their workers and almost ran the brothers off the road in the midst of them fleeing to Atlanta. As if all that wasn’t enough, Lamar killed Meech’s baby mother Monique on last week’s episode. With the help of Alvin, Lamar dumped the body at Meech and Terry’s car wash. Although Meech denied knowing Monique to Detectives Bryant and Jin, as soon as he found out what happened, Meech immediately knew who was behind it.

Lamar was visibly tormented by his decision throughout the episode. He began to spiral out of control, snorting coke, hallucinating and even attacking Alvin. This was probably the reason why Alvin dropped a dime on Lamar and let Meech know where he was staying (Meech had everyone looking for him for weeks). While Lamar was high as a kite, Meech crept into the house and put a gun to his head. Lamar begged Meech to take him out of his misery but Meech had other plans. Earlier in the episode Terry emphasized to his older brother that they’re businessmen not killers. Meech took heed to his brothers words and decided that instead of killing Lamar, he would make him suffer in a much more diabolical way. Meech made Lamar smoke crack rock until he passed out. He then paid Alvin to continue feeding him crack until he got hooked. As the episode concludes, we get our final glimpse of Lamar. Terry is riding through town with Markisha when they pass a crack spot, where we see Lamar in the midst of a bunch of crackheads…strung out. Is this really the last of Lamar we’ll see? Did Meech make the right choice by not killing him?


Since Detective Bryant made up in his mind that he wanted to take down the Flenory’s, he has been relentless in his attempts. With that being the case, it wasn’t surprising to see Bryant and Jin try to get K-9 to flip on Meech and Terry. He declined to do so, leading them to bring in his ex-girlfriend who knew everything. She told them where the drugs, money and dead bodies were. Knowing that his back was against the wall, K-9 started to give the detectives information. Fortunately for BMF, K-9 remained solid and only told on some other dealers and his old Colombian plug (technically this might come back to haunt them too, but we’ll see). He refused to say anything about BMF, which further frustrated Bryant and JIn.

Meech decided that he was tired of playing games with Bryant and turned things up a notch. He summoned Bryant to meet with him. When he arrived, Meech gave Bryant an ultimatum. He told him that either he gets rid of the gun he was holding over B-Mickie’s head or he would have the witness that seen him pick up Jay Mo the night before he was killed testify. Meech then took it a step further. He threatened to kill Bryant’s son Kevin if he didn’t oblige and stop coming for him and his crew. Bryant knew that he didn’t have a choice.

Detective Bryant rushed home to grab the gun (Meech gave him an hour to bring the gun back to them) but couldn’t find it in his safe. In the midst of his search, Jin arrives and frantically shares some devastating news. Kevin had taken his father’s gun and used it to shoot and kill the bully that continued to cause him problems. In hopes that he could get his son’s sentence lightened (Kevin was being charged with the murders of Jay Mo, Kato and the bully), Bryant came clean about the gun and the history of it. He was immediately chewed out and got his gun and badge stripped. Although she was pissed at Bryant for not being forthcoming about the situation at hand, Jin tried one last thing to get Kevin freed or his potential sentence reduced. She went over to B-Mickie’s and urged him to turn himself in for the double murders. Realizing that she has nothing on him, B-Mickie tells her to get lost.  Will Jin and Bryant mend their relationship? Will Bryant continue to torment BMF even though he’s off the force?


It seems like B-Mickie can’t win even when he wins. After Bryant found the gun B-Mickie used to kill Jay Mo and Kato, he forced B-Mickie to be his informant for most of this season. Somehow B-Mickie got out of that situation. B-Mickie even pulled a gun on Terry and still was able to walk away. All of his sneaking and being suspicious finally caught up to him in the season finale though…in the form of Jin’s visit. Although B-Mickie didn’t help her out with anything, Sterl seen the detective show up to his home. From his perspective, that was enough to tell Meech that he was working with the authorities again. At Meech’s going away party (that he wasn’t invited to), B-Mickie was caught off guard when his best friend wiped his hands of their friendship. Not only did Meech kick B-Mickie out of BMF, he also told him that he was dead to him. Is this the last that we’ll see of B-Mickie? If so, who will be Meech’s right hand in his new city?


After Charles got caught having an affair, we knew that he and Lucille’s marriage would be on it’s last leg. That’s exactly where things are. Charles again attempted to make amends with his dissatisfied wife but to no avail. Lucille informed him that she was considering filing for divorce. Although her mind isn’t completely made up, while she figures things out, she doesn’t want to be around him at all. On top of his wife hating his guts, Charles now also has to work to get his daughter to look at him in a good light again. Nicole witnesses how Charles actions impacted her mother and their family dynamics and now doesn’t believe there’s any good that comes from being in love. Going into the next season, there is a bit of hope for the Flenory boys’ father. Over the course of the season, Charles has patched up his relationship with his sons (specifically Meech). At Meech’s going away party, he was on grill duty and was gifted with a new guitar by his soon to depart son. Also at the cookout, Lucille gave Charles a quick glance that might leave the door open for a future reunion between the two. Will Charles and Lucille ever get back together? If so, how long will it take?


Meech really became a boss this season. He united the 50 Boyz and the 12th Street Boys to form BMF. He was able to convince K-9 to work with them, which eventually led to BMF getting a new Colombian plug. Atlanta and Cleveland became new hubs thanks to his vision. The older Flenory brother also handled the pressing issues of Detective Bryant, Lamar and B-Mickie. Meech realized that in order for BMF to reach their highest potential, he must move. He decided that Atlanta is where he needs to be. Before he departs, he throws a huge party so everyone in Detroit can see him one last time before he peeled out. Meech thought he was starting fresh in Atlanta. Unfortunately, his previous trips to the city put a target on his back. Mike (the guy Terry and Meech got over on) returned to Goldie’s club with a shotgun and started to fire recklessly. Meech shoots him then Goldie eventually kills him. The only problem…Mike was connected…with the mob. Goldie knew she had to get out of Atlanta because Mike’s boss, Robert Fulton, would come asking who killed his highest earner. She rushed home to get her sister. Her sister asked her to take her off of life support. Although she didn’t want to, Goldie obliged. In an emotional scene, her sister passed away. Before she left the A, Goldie sent Meech to Magic City to meet Rodney Greene, in hopes that he can conceal his connection with her and keep him safe. What will Atlanta have in store for Meech? Will Remi Ransom pop back up?


This season was a roller coaster for the younger Flenory brother. He started off trying to be a legit business man with his father and The Flenory Car Service. Once he realized that he the money was too slow, he went back to what he knew best…being the brains behind BMF. He was essential in closing the deal with the Colombians and served as a second enforcer, making sure everything stayed copasetic. Even more interesting than his stepping in and out of the drug game was Terry’s love life. LaWanda returned to Detroit with their child this season (we found out that she only left because her and Lucille thought it would help get Terry’s mind right). Although Terry loves his child, LaWanda coming back made things so much more complicated for him considering the fact that he had just started a new fling with Markisha. Throughout this season, he had to toggle between being a family man with LaWanda and his child or starting a new situation with Markisha and her children. The two women finally came face to face at a hair show…in front of the Flenory family. While there, Terry is approached by one of Boom’s (who is still locked up and surely will be looking for retribution) lieutenants Saint, who warns him to stop messing with Markisha. Meech’s departure to Atlanta made Tee the leading man in Detroit. His brother wants him to run things in the D while he does the same in the A. There’s obviously going to be a lot on Terry’s plate and a lot of people gunning for him, as evident in the final scene of the season. As Markisha and Terry cruise the city, a truck pulls up. As the door slides open, it’s Saint and he begins to open fire. Terry’s first inclining is to cover Markisha. Does she make it out? Does Terry? Was leaving Terry alone in Detroit a mistake on Meech’s behalf? We will have to see when BMF returns for Season 3.

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