Solange Don’t Play Bout Her Big Sis Beyoncé: Check Out This Hilarious Viral Story About The Knowles Family

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This throwback clip of Beyoncé on the “Late Show with David Letterman” describing how protective her little sister Solange is has now gone viral on Twitter. While Beyoncé suggests Solange had evolved since their teenage years, fans recall history repeats itself. Check out the viral clip and fan reactions inside.

A viral clip from 2006 resurfaced of Beyoncé on the “Late show with David Letterman.” The superstar talks about preparing for the Grammys, her fragrance True Star, the Destiny’s Child split into her solo career and her definition of “bootylicious” — which found its way into the dictionary. The most riveting part of the 10 minute interview was when she talks about her little sister Solange, who made her famous quite famous in their hometown of Houston.

The famous songstress recalls a moment when she was only 13 years old, where her little sister made an impulsive decision to get her then boyfriend in serious trouble.

“She [Solange] decided to try and get my boyfriend in trouble,” Beyoncé remembered of her little sister during the interview. “She hated him. She was so jealous, because we were best friends until him”

An eight-year-old Solange was territorial of her older sister and wouldn’t stand for any little teenaged boy to get in the way of their sisterhood.

Beyoncé suggests that Solange walked up to her and her then-boyfriend screaming her lost coloring book. Beyoncé and the boyfriend attempt to find it in her room, and Solange used it as the perfect opportunity to cause a major scene saying, “oooo, he is not supposed to be up here.”

Their dad Matthew Knowles marched upstairs shouting, “I’m gonna kill him [beyoncé’s then boyfriend].” Evidently, Solange told their father, which turned into an even bigger mess.

“My sister called the police on my father,” Beyoncé shared. “Because she said he was gonna kill him.”

Mr. Knowles tried to explain to the police why he was angry with the boyfriend saying, “My daughter said they were up there having sex.”

Beyoncé concludes her story with, “it was definitely no more boyfriends at the house after that.” Well, thanks a lot Solange.

The part that has Twitter in a frenzy in 2023 is that Letterman asked, “What’s Solange up to now?” To that, her big sister Beyoncè says, “she’s so calm now.”

Letterman joked in their exchange, “I have a phone here. Let’s call the cops on her.”

Twitter users didn’t find Solange’s actions too funny, saying she kept the craziness going well into her adult life. Fans recall the famed elevator event between Solange and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z.

Say what you want, but Solange don’t play about Bey!

Check out the viral clip below: