Watch: Summer Walker Throws An Old School ATL House Party In ‘Ex for a Reason’ Video

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Summer Walker

Source: LVRN / Interscope

Summer Walker just released the video for “Ex for a Reason,” featuring JT of the City Girls.

The up-tempo Buddah Bless and Sean Garrett-produced track is different for Walker, who usually gives fans slower R&B love songs. The singer is back for the first single from her sophomore album Still Over It, set to debut November 5. Summer is here to remind the girls why we don’t go back to our old lovers.

In the Lacy Duke-directed visual, Summer is pictured in a Dior bralette cruising with her girlfriends in an old school drop top with Georgia plates that read: “FRVR ATL.” Walker, JT and their girlfriends exchange a little small talk before they host an old-fashioned Atlanta house party featuring skilled dancers on the pole and lots of ones being thrown.

There is even a special appearance by comedian Desi Banks as the DJ, where he abruptly stops the music at the function, calling himself “a dark-skinned Dr. Dre.” Walker’s famed “hard drive” also earns its very own cameo as the intentional LVRN marketing rollout continues.

Summer Walker recently revealed three songs from her upcoming 20-song track list including “Bitter,” “Ex for a Reason,” and “Ciara’s Prayer” featuring narration by fellow Atlanta superstar, Ciara. Each track is accompanied by a date spanning August 2019 to October 2021, hinting at the idea that Still Over It will continue in story-form.

Look out for Summer Walker’s upcoming sophomore album, Still Over It, coming next month. Watch the video for “Ex for a Reason” below.