Viral Video: Did You Know Tisha Campbell Once Cooked For Tupac?

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Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Actress and entertainer Tisha Campbell shared some little known facts about her life on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” The two played a custom-made game titled “Spill the Tisha,” and host Hudson and her live studio audience were prompted to guess whether it was true or false. Fans would soon find out Ms. Campbell has lived a life. Check out the segment inside.

On the special episode featuring the beloved performer, Campbell lists some very random facts that may or may not be true about herself. She started with a fact that suggested she made the late rapper Tupac Thanksgiving dinner once before. Would you believe that this is actually true?

The actress continued with more lesser known facts about herself like the first moment she met the late, great singer Whitney Houston was when she braided her hair once before an audition. That was also determined to be a real thing. She described Houston as “the big girl,” being a couple years older and a bit more seasoned in the entertainment industry.

Another shocking fact is that Lenny Kravitz was her first boyfriend. The audience swooned at the new discovery and her response was,”I had street cred before y’all found that out. Don’t play me.”

The last fact seemed extremely false. Campbell said that she came face-to-face with a bear while shopping at her local grocery store. Hudson looked to the audience for confirmation to determine whether or not it was true. Not only is this fun fact true for the actress, but they show pulled up the receipts with a video of the bear inside the store. So wild.

Campbell has lived a life! Be sure to catch the entire interview with Tisha Campbell on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” via Roku for free.

Check out the viral clip below: