One Stop Shop: TikTok Launches Music Distribution Platform SoundOn Giving Artists 100 Percent In Royalties

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Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

TikTok announced an all-in-one platform for music marketing and distribution, SoundOn. The social media platform launched the service to empower new and undiscovered artists in an effort to help them build their careers.

SoundOn allows artists to upload their new music directly to TikTok and its sister streaming platform Resso, which is owned by ByteDance. Artists can begin earning royalties whenever their music is used. The platform pays out 100 percent royalties to music creators in the first year and 90 percent thereafter. SoundOn will also offer a wide range of promotional tools and support that will prove beneficial, especially for independent artists hoping to profit from their streams and without the help of a major label backing them.

The service includes audience insight and development, advice from a dedicated SoundOn artist team, access to TikTok’s song tab where music is linked on profile pages, and promotional support through creator marketing.

TikTok’s newest service can also distribute to other music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Instagram. The social media platform, previously reported as the highest search engine above Google, has now cemented itself in the fabric of music business. TikTok is a music distributor helping artists to build audiences on other streaming services and DSPs.

After a series of beta testing, SoundOn is now fully launched in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia, with a growing number of artists opting to use the platform.

TikTok understands the opportunities being presented to artists and creators through SoundOn. It identified record and publishing deals and helped creators to work with other writers and reputable names in music.

Artists such as Abby Roberts and Chloe Adams in the UK, and Games We Play and Muni Long in the US, are some of the first to sign up and achieve an impact.

Singer and songwriter Muni Long shared her experience working with TikTok and SoundOn.

“SoundOn has created a space where anybody can be exactly who they want to be,” Long refleted. “No matter your background, your upbringing, your race, your creed, your age, you can enter the space and claim your place. I’ve done that already and I plan to keep doing it over and over again. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be myself in front of the world through TikTok.”

That’s major! Artists who are looking to register can sign up here.